Monday, March 29, 2010

mr. funny guy

we celebrated cousin chase's 9th birthday yesterday. as always, we went around the room listing the reasons we love chase. grandma asked nash why he loves chase and, without hesitation, he replied, "because he's my boy." we all busted up and then nash quickly added, "i'm so funny."

he is.

later, nash played outside with chase. he stubbed his toe and after dad bandaged it up nash came and sat on the couch, crying. grandma asked him if she could hold him. and he replied, "no, cause i have a bandaid." we all busted up again. when i noticed boogers streaming from his nose i asked him, "hey, nash, how are your boogers?" and he said "oh, i'm just licking them." at least he's honest.

well, most of the time...

a few weeks ago we went to target to pick up a few things. nash and haven were each permitted to pick out one treat. nash picked chocolate chip cookies from the bakery. at the "buyer*" nash spotted a toy/candy fan. he's like a magnet to those things. he started wailing about the candy fan. i told him to put it back because he'd already picked the cookies. we checked out and started to leave. i took a quick look around me to make sure nash was coming and, upon seeing his face, immediately knew he was guilty of something. i told him he looked guilty and asked him what he did. "i didn't do everfing," he said. i wasn't convinced; i patted him down. nothing there. so we proceeded to the door. then i looked down at my feet and noticed a candy fan tucked under the cart. busted. i made him take it back to the nice lady at the "buyer" and say sorry. he cried the whole way there, the whole way back, and the whole way to the car while i, and the rest of the target shoppers chuckled. and that's the story of nash's first attempt at stealing (at least that i know of).

*buyer = nash's word for the check-out stand

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The Millers said...

Love this! What an adorable little guy. Loving your blog! xo