Monday, March 29, 2010

mr. funny guy

we celebrated cousin chase's 9th birthday yesterday. as always, we went around the room listing the reasons we love chase. grandma asked nash why he loves chase and, without hesitation, he replied, "because he's my boy." we all busted up and then nash quickly added, "i'm so funny."

he is.

later, nash played outside with chase. he stubbed his toe and after dad bandaged it up nash came and sat on the couch, crying. grandma asked him if she could hold him. and he replied, "no, cause i have a bandaid." we all busted up again. when i noticed boogers streaming from his nose i asked him, "hey, nash, how are your boogers?" and he said "oh, i'm just licking them." at least he's honest.

well, most of the time...

a few weeks ago we went to target to pick up a few things. nash and haven were each permitted to pick out one treat. nash picked chocolate chip cookies from the bakery. at the "buyer*" nash spotted a toy/candy fan. he's like a magnet to those things. he started wailing about the candy fan. i told him to put it back because he'd already picked the cookies. we checked out and started to leave. i took a quick look around me to make sure nash was coming and, upon seeing his face, immediately knew he was guilty of something. i told him he looked guilty and asked him what he did. "i didn't do everfing," he said. i wasn't convinced; i patted him down. nothing there. so we proceeded to the door. then i looked down at my feet and noticed a candy fan tucked under the cart. busted. i made him take it back to the nice lady at the "buyer" and say sorry. he cried the whole way there, the whole way back, and the whole way to the car while i, and the rest of the target shoppers chuckled. and that's the story of nash's first attempt at stealing (at least that i know of).

*buyer = nash's word for the check-out stand

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

man stuff

nash may enjoy make-up, dolls and playing kitchen, but he is beginning to dabble in man-stuff. his new favorite show is "mighty machines" (if you have netflix instant play, check it out, you will regret it!). and yesterday the city began tearing out our sidewalks. nash watched from the window for an hour or so, every so often exclaiming, "mama, this is so amazing." and, "wow, those are great machines!" here he is catching boogers with his tongue while watching the machines: IMG_0098_web and here he is making machine sounds. all boy, i tell ya. IMG_0108 as i was posting these photos i noticed how much more copper there is in his left eye than the right. i asked him to come in here so i could look at his eyes and he said "but they're all blue so i can be booiful." so maybe he's a pretty boy

Monday, January 25, 2010


just for the record, mr. nash now has two consecutive nights of sleeping in underwear (not a diaper) under his belt. and it is all his doing. when i said it was time to change into a diaper two nights ago, he said "no, i know how to sleep in my unnerwears." and he did. that's my boy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

nash's room

nash's room

nash's room has finally come together-or as close to "together" as it will get until we move. this weekend we were able to get the bookshelf i'd been wanting with some store credit i'd been saving up. it saved the room (visually)-and the kids somehow are very careful about putting things where they go. we'll see how long that lasts. i also did a little rearranging, got rid of the cradle, swapped rocking chairs, changed out the artwork, and made the little pennant banners above the windows. i had planned to make pelmet boxes for the windows, but now that these buntings are up i think it's enough to call it good and save the money. nash loves his new room-especially the light, which he leaves on all night.

Friday, January 8, 2010


(sound only)

some nights he manages to name every single person in our entire extended family. some nights he gets lazy and keeps the list very short including just me and bevie. he rarely includes havey anymore, although he usually still says "help me sleep good, wake up happy and be the best brother"-something's making me think he doesn't quite grasp that one yet. and it's always fun when he throws in something like "thanks for grandma giving me the presents."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sunday, November 22, 2009

nash stats-age 3

height: 38.3 inches/71%tile
weight: 36.6 lbs/90%tile
BMI: 17.6/89%tile

percentage of ideal: 112% (i put this here because it's funny-does this mean his numbers prove he's as perfect as i think he is?)

three years old


dear nashy boy-

today you are three. not nine. part of me doesn't want you to ever be nine. part of me wants you to stay my little three-year-old dude forever. but another part of me can't wait to see you turn into a grown up boy. you have all the makings to be such a wonderful person.

yesterday we went to the shoe store with emmy. haven, little miss independent, went crazy. she was throwing shoes, running and screaming, spilling her mash-up. so i decided we better go. you weren't too happy about that. you threw yourself on the floor and screamed. so i took haven and said i would see you later. but you got up and followed me all the way to the car where we waited for emmy to finish shopping. and then you said, "mamma, are you happy?" and i said "no". and you said "mamma, are you mad?" and i said "yes". and then you said, "well, i will make you happy. i will eat lunch and carrots and make you happy." and then i may or may not have cried. you are so aware and so willing to do what it takes to make others happy, even eat your carrots.

there's a lot more to you. many things that make us all love you as much as we do. but most important is that you care about other people and want them to be happy. you're already doing pretty darn well for a three-year-old, so we'll leave it at that.

happy third birthday, little dude. we love you more than the world.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

budding artist (ears still in tact)

created by Nash on Gwampa's amazing iPhone

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the wonders of the tube

i have a confession: my kids watch a lot of tv. haven is an addict and nash just really likes it. and when i'm sick and tired it's just easier. so sue me. the good thing is that nash is actually learning quite a bit, so it helps me justify on those tv-watching-so-mom-can-get-one-thing-done days.

nash and i ran a quick errand to fedex office to print some things. afterward we got into the car and were heading home. we stopped at a stop sign and nash matter-of-factly pointed and said "that's an oxagon."

em and nash were sitting in the recliner in the sun room while em was doing some reading for school. she was reading obama's speech given to school children-the top of the paper said just that, "prepared remarks of president barack obama back to school event." nash looked at the paper and said "emmy, it's a school!" he then pointed to the word "school."

today i took nash to run a bunch of errands with me. at the last two or three stops i would tell him, "last stop and then we'll go home." but then i'd remember one more thing i needed to do and he was being so good that i ended up saying that a few times. as we finally pulled into the driveway nash exclaimed, "but we need to find the rainforest!" (dora)

he says several times a day "where should we go next?" and "that's a great idea!" (both from dora)

might i also remind you that he learned the abc's, most of his counting, spanish counting, and other randomness from the tv. it can't be all that bad, right?

Monday, October 12, 2009

young entrepreneur shakes up neighborhood!

sent from gwampa's iphone

Saturday, October 3, 2009

is it possible for kids to just grow up overnight? i've been feeling overwhelmed the last day or two with how fast things are moving. i love it. and i hate it.

it might just be his little goatee (i.e. scab on his chin) that's making him look older...

Friday, September 18, 2009

making the monies

a few days ago steve was heading out to go to work and school. nash asked him why he was going, so steve said he had to go make money. as soon as steve walked in the door, hours later, nash jumped up and asked excitedly, "did you get the monies?"

then he asked me if we were going to the store. hmmm....

speaking of monies, nash is really into putting a handful of monies into the pockets of his cargo shorts. he likes to go to the store and buy a tootsie roll (his go-to treat).

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"take pictures you"

nash is obsessed with "take pictures you." i'm not sure what this means, except that if there is a camera in his hand, he is one happy kid. i let him carry an old camera around for a few days. he filled up an entire memory card. these are my favorites (sooc):

Friday, March 27, 2009

Totally Awesome Radical

Recent conversation between Nash (N) and mom (M):

N: Hi mama, how doing?
M: Good, how are you doing?
N: Good, how doing?
M: Good, how are you doing?
N. Awesome.

What? I laughed so hard that he kept saying "awesome" to himself as if he was trying to figure out if he was saying it wrong or something, since I was laughing.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

how many licks?

who knew that lollipop-eating could be so much fun? man, i love this kid.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

so we don't forget

nash was sitting on his potty while steve was sitting on his reading a magazine. nash seemed perfectly content, kicking his legs, when all of the sudden he jumped up, ran out of the room and returned with a magazine for himself.

nash got his mini magnadoodle out, so mom spelled his name out for him "N-A-S-H, Nash." not too long after, nash was found "writing" on his magnadoodle and saying "nine, six, seven, eight, Nash."

one day mom said "one" so nash said "two." this was normal (remember, "one...shoe"), but after mom said "three" nash said "four"! what? can he count? mom got a little too excited, so nash quit right there. the next day after mom told dad about what happened, she asked nash to count. he counted to six all by himself! since then we've been working on counting with chocolate treats (chocolate chips). we lay them out in a row and nash counts them, then gets to eat one. he always skips three and seven. then he gets to nine and says "eat one?".

nash found mom's american express card in her purse. it has her picture on it, so he thought it was pretty cool. well, when mom went to costco a few days later, lo and behold her card was missing. she came home and asked nash where the card was. (he has a habit of hiding random things in random places; like his flashlight in the produce drawer of the fridge and mom's toothbrush in the oven drawer.) he usually will go right to the missing item and bring it back. two weeks later, the american express card was still missing. while mom was on the phone with grandma, nash took a picture frame apart and there was the card-nestled right in between the picture and the cardboard backing. he handed it to mom with a smile and a "welcome."

last week nash had one of those days where he just wouldn't stop talking. i was trying to get the house clean, so i had sort of tuned him out. he kept mentioning "baby sleeping" and i kept insisting that she wasn't sleeping, she was in the living room playing. well, i finally stopped for a second and watched what he was doing: he climbed up on his bed and began to pet and kiss his stuffed bunny while saying "shhh, nigh nigh." and then he slowly crept out of his room while whispering "shhh." he saw me watching and said matter-of-factly, "bunny sleepin." a few minutes later he got a startled/concerned look on his face and then said "bunny cryin," and ran into the room and started the whole process again. he's been "pretending" ever since.

andy & naomi gave nash a toy animal hospital for his birthday. he's fallen in love with the little stuffed "kitty kitty." one night at around four a.m. he woke up screaming. i ran in and he was screaming for "kitty kitty," so i went and found it (stashed in his train) and took it to him. he took it and went right back to sleep with a smile on his face. then a few nights later the same thing happened, only kitty kitty and bunny were both in bed with him (along with several books, blocks, and his flashlight). he wouldn't stop screaming and trying to calm him down just seemed to make him worse, so i turned to the attention to bunny and kitty kitty. i tucked them in and gave them night night kisses. it worked like magic. nash layed right back down and went to sleep.

every morning nash comes into our room and gives us both kisses on the "yips". then he says, "mommy hold you," and cuddles for just a minute.

nash took haven's blanket to her and when he came back he said "best brother." he also pats himself on the back after putting his dishes away or cleaning up his messed by saying "best helper." he used to be a very good helper, but now he's starting to get a little jealous of the attention haven gets and that haven gets to play with his toys. he grabs them from her and says "don't touch, baby." he's very bossy and tells us to "sit down" and "stay right there."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nash's 2-Year Stats

Weight: 31 pounds/83%
Height: 33.5 inches/26%

Percentage of Ideal: 115%

Thursday, November 20, 2008

nash's birthday song

this morning nash and i had a talk about his upcoming birthday. it was so cute, that i made him do it all over again on camera (it actually worked!). could he be any cuter? for the life of him, he cannot put his fingers into a two. it's so cute watching him try. not that you get to, i didn't do the best job of filming his hands...but you do get to hear his scratchy little voice sing his birthday ditty...

Monday, November 3, 2008

grandpa & nash visit the pet store

the following pictures are from grandpa, sent from his iphone (the titles are also from him).

nash with turtles:

this the bunny grandpa told nash he could expect on nov 22:

(no subject):

nash wants a turtle:

nash bonds with bunnies:

nash wants a bunny for bday:

nash loves birds:

i'm not sure if grandma is going to be excited about having a new bunny around the house, but grandpa promised nashy-boy and you don't break a promise to a 2-year old. and the bunny is not living at our house!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008


a bite for mashy bay...

a bite for emmers. cute!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

discovery farm

grandma debbi took all the grandkids to thanksgiving point's discovery farm and noah's ark. nash had so much fun petting and feeding the animals. he especially loved riding the pony!